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Why choose Morgan Properties?

Well the first reason I like to give is because WE ARE LANDLORDS! We have been landlords for over 15 years in this area, and currently own 50 units of our own! We have made the mistakes, we understand the market and what it takes to rent properties in Indiana. Some other question we are asked are:

1) What is your monthly fee? 9.75% of all monies collected in Madison County 10.75% out of Madison County.

2) What is your sign up fee per unit? 0, YES ZERO!

3) How much do you take of the first months rent when you find me a tenant? We only take our percentage nothing more! NO ADD'L $!

4) How much is the advertising fee when they are not rented? 0, YES ZERO! If you house is empty you aren't paying us anything!

5) Do you have a web site and are you in the yellow pages? YES and YES!

6) Does a licensed broker run your office? YES!

7) Since you have a licensed broker is it more important to you to sell or rent houses? We do no selling we fully focus on renting your             units! We find most companies that do both are more focused on the selling for the bigger $$ we focus on YOU our customer!

8) Do you have references? YES!

9) Do you have emergency maintenance? YES! We are contracted through a local maintenance company that carries our pager. Your             tenants can page him 24/7 for an emergency and he will respond!


Often individual clients require specialized services, tailored to the needs of the particular investment property. We work closely with each owner in order to meet those needs. Each client receives a detailed easy to read monthly computerized statement, showing all receipts and disbursements made to your account through our office.  What does the service include?

1. Screening and securing tenants for vacant properties.
2. Collecting rental payments, both current and delinquent.
3. Securing the services of maintenance personnel.
4. 24 hour emergency maintenance service for tenants.
5. Disbursing funds for appropriate expenses.
6. Escrowing taxes & Insurance if needed


Do you like the personal touch? Call us & talk to our owners! Tom & Tami have been in the rentals industry for over 20 years! They own their own and run the office daily!

Call us and talk to us about your needs. We want to serve you!

Tami & Tom Morgan

Morgan Properties

 As a full service property management company, Morgan Properties can help you realize your real estate objectives. We can arrange for leases which incorporate your personal real estate goals, such as leases with options to purchase or leases for short or long periods of tenancy.  At Morgan Properties, we recognize that each home is unique; therefore, we can customize a lease to fit your personal needs.

1)  All available units will be posted with picture (when available) on our web site. Future tenants may see our               properties that are available online 24/7 so our advertising is working for you around the clock!

2) The owner receives a monthly statement which reflects all transactions for the account during that time period.       Morgan Properties is happy to pay your mortgage payments, your homeowners insurance, or other bills                   incurred by your properties from your proceeds then send the remaining balance directly to you. Whatever               your financial needs, we will try to accommodate them.

3) Maintenance arranged to your specifications or provided for by our selection of highly qualified contractors.      

4) Renting Application - All prospective tenants must complete an application. We conduct a thorough                         investigation of potential tenants by verifying employment and salary, past rental history, and by contacting             references.

5) The rent will be collected on a timely basis. Should any collection problems occur, we can suggest excellent               legal counsel to advise and assist or file for eviction if necessary.

So turn your rental's into a turn key operation so you can spend more time doing things you want to do!

Morgan Properties

The Solution



important please read first


At this time all online payments are made via your checking account NOT debit or credit cards.


You MUST add $.75 cents to any payments made online. The $.75 cents will be taken out of the payment FIRST so if you do not add the $.75 you will be short on your rent and cause a $50.00 LATE FEE (or more depending on your lease). So make sure you add the $.75 cents!


ATTENTION: If you do not have a landlord reference that can be verified, that is a non-family member, you will be required to pay, at the minimum, four (4) weeks worth of rent at the lease signing and the required deposit. • Please be advised that Morgan Properties can NOT approve an application for a prospective tenant that has a history of eviction(s) in the past 12 months and/or multiple evictions during any period of time.

ATTENTION: We allow a MAXIMUM of 2 (two) pets per home • There is a $200.00 pet deposit per pet (i.e. cat and/or dog) • We do not allow large breeds such as Mastiffs, St. Bernard's, etc • We do not allow dangerous breeds, such as: Pit Bull Terrier, Doberman, Rottweilers etc.

You MUST submit check stubs for your application to be completely processed.  You may drop them off at the office or email them to  


Can you get gas and utilities in your name?
Are you being evicted?
Will there be pets in the unit?



Have you or your co-tenant ever been evicted?
Have you or your co-tenant ever intentionally refused to pay rent when due?
I/We the undersigned, understand that Morgan Properties is the leasing agent and representative for the owner of the property to be rented. Do you understand?
I/We declare the forgoing information is true and correct, and I/We hereby authorize Morgan Properties to conduct an employment and background check and to verify our references.